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There are currently 8 terms in this directory beginning with the letter H.

Situations or things that have the potential to harm a person

Health and Safety Representative (HSR)
An employee who has been elected under the model WHS Act to represent the Institution on health and safety issues

A loan to help Commonwealth Supported Place students to pay for their tuition fees under the Higher Education Support Act 2003

The Higher Education Loans Program

High-risk subject
A subject that requires more formal supervision in the short term, for any of (but not limited to) the following reasons: student feedback, high failure rates, different modes or locations of delivery, first delivery post subject development or re-development, or delivery by a new lecturer for the first time

Higher Education Standards Framework (2015)
The Commonwealth legislation that all Australian higher education providers must adhere to

Accommodation within a home (usually with a family). Meals and utility bills are usually provided and included in the rent a student pays

Human research
Research conducted about or with people