1. Governing policy

The Timetable Procedures (“procedures”) relate to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and Examinations Policy. They provide information on the Institution’s timetabling practices when students change enrolment and for examinations. It is also to ensure the effective use of teaching resources and facilities with consistent and co-ordinated timetabling practices.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all students at the Institution and the use of all teaching spaces at the Institution.

3. Procedural statements

3.1 Students and teaching staff are provided with a timetable that is early to facilitate planning and robust decision making.

3.2 Information on timetables for teaching and examinations will be accurate and up-to-date, with changes communicated as soon as they occur.

3.3 The timetable should have minimal changes after publication and minimise clashes for students.

3.4 The timetable is constructed to accommodate teaching practice and examinations and enable students to satisfy course rules.

3.5 Planning of teaching, examinations, resources, teaching staff availability and any potential clashes are completed in time to meet the deadline for creating the timetable.

3.6 The Institution’s timetable is published on a designated date to allow students to create their student timetable for the next trimester and prepare for examinations.

3.7 Students must enrol and maintain their enrolment and personal details with accurate information for the duration of the course and must be proactive about seeking assistance if they encounter difficulties in their enrolment or would like to change their enrolment before Census date.

3.8 These procedures should be used in conjunction with the Change of Study Load Procedures.

4. Procedures

4.1 Change of enrolment

4.1.1 When the timetable is ready to be published, Student Services send an announcement email to all students confirming that the timetable for the next trimester has been released and they can start enrolling in subjects.

4.1.2 Students should enrol themselves in chosen subjects according to their progression plan and can change subjects any time up until Census date.

4.1.3 If a student is unable to enrol, due to login/password/errors, they can send a request to ICMS Assist (email: [email protected]) and ask for support as well as provide as much information as possible, including the subject name, day and time, to complete the enrolment and timetable change.

4.1.4 Once the request has been processed or the student is unable to be enrolled as per their request, Student Services will contact the student with an outcome.

4.1.5 When a student requires academic advice and /or more information on what subjects to enrol in the following trimester, they are referred to the Program Managers or Academic Consulting Office (ACO) for advice.

4.1.6 When a student withdraws from a subject after Census date they must refer to the Withdrawal Procedures. International students may not be eligible and must refer to the Change of Study Load Procedures.

4.1.7 Timetable changes won’t be permitted after Census.

4.2 Examination timetable

4.2.1 The examination period runs through the last two weeks of each study period. The dates for each study period are published on the ICMS website and all students should note the exam period in their calendars.

4.2.2 The examination timetable is published at least three weeks prior to the examination date and is posted on the Student Hub ( ).

4.2.3 The timetable provides information on the date, time and location of every examination. If a lecturer has allocated an alternative assessment method, the due date will not appear on the examination timetable.

4.2.4 Students must take full responsibility for reading and keeping to the examination timetable.

4.2.5 If a student misses an examination due to misreading the timetable, this does not warrant an opportunity for a deferred assessment and therefore the student would receive a zero mark for that examination.

4.2.6 Students will not be allowed to take an examination at any time other than what is specified in the examination timetable. Should special circumstances arise, student must refer to the Examination Policy and Examination Procedures.

5. Roles and responsibilities

5.1 The Registrar approves the Institution’s timetable and approves all examinations outside the published timetable.

5.2 Student Services are responsible for emailing student timetables. Printed copies are also available at campus reception desks.

5.3 Student Services is responsible for posting the examination timetable on the Student Hub.

5.4 Program Managers are responsible for supporting students in choosing the required subjects for enrolment for the following trimester.

5.5 Student Services is responsible for supporting students in making changes to their enrolment and timetable after that academic advice took place (if necessary).

5.6 Students are responsible for understanding the requirements of the course in which they are enrolled.

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Approved by Learning and Teaching Committee on 16 August 2019