1. Purpose

The purpose of the Subject Outline Policy is to outline key subject information required for each subject and ensure that delivery of the subject is in accordance with approved TEQSA accreditation.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all subject outlines for all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework subjects.

3. Definitions

See Glossary of Terms.

4. Policy statements

4.1. The subject outline is a critical resource for students, detailing the subject description, intended learning outcomes and how these fit within the whole course of study, topics, learning resources and assessment strategies.

4.2. The subject outline will be available for students through the subject LMS site

4.3 The relevant information of the subject outline will be available on the Institution’s public website.

4.4. Subject outlines are part of the Institution’s Evaluation Framework and are regularly revised to ensure currency.

4.5. The template for subject outlines will be used to ensure consistency.

4.6. Prescribed elements for inclusion in the subject outline are:

4.6.1 General subject information

  • subject code and title in full;
  • subject type;
  • credit points;
  • pre-requisite/co-requisite;
  • subject level; and
  • subject workload indicated as a whole for the study period, not on a weekly basis to allow for different modes of delivery (e.g. online, blended and face-to-face).

4.6.2 Detailed subject information

  • subject rationale;
  • subject learning outcomes table linking to the assessment tasks;
  • delivery mode; and
  • Work Integrated Learning requirements.

4.6.3 Assessment information

A table showing assessment strategy covering: assessment task, weighting, week in which assessment is due and link to subject learning outcomes.

4.6.4 Assessment submission

Information on how to submit tasks.

4.6.5 Late submission

A link to the Assessment Policy for information on requests for deferred assessments, late submission penalties and requests for extensions.

4.6.6 List of topics to be covered

The topics to be covered during the subject.

4.6.7 Learning resources

A list of recommended textbooks, journals and websites for the subject, using the appropriate referencing style. Teaching staff may later supplement this list with additional resources as appropriate.

4.6.8 Additional resource requirements

A list of any additional resources required, such as special software, simulations, etc. For example: HOTS, MYOB, Excel.

4.6.9 Assessment

  • the types of assessment to be used;
  • the specific graduate capabilities to be practised and/or assessed in the subject;
  • the weighting given to each component of the assessment in determining the final result (no task is worth more than 50% of total weighting);
  • attendance alone must not be a component of graded assessment in any subject;
  • if examinations are a form of assessment, then details of the relevant learning outcomes should be detailed as part of the subject outline. Criteria for standards of achievement for exams are to be made available to students. Closed book exams will have developmental or practice opportunities conducted in class in the previous weeks to reduce anxiety and prepare students for success;
  • a link to the Assessment Policy and related assessment procedures with penalties applied for late submission;
  • procedures for secure submission of material for assessment, including procedures for electronic submission through the learning management system;
  • assessment items as specified in the subject outline must not be changed without approval from the Learning and Teaching Committee. Timely written notification of assessment changes is communicated to all students by the Subject Lead.

4.6.10 Policies and guidelines

The web address for the following policies/student information:

  • Assessment Policy and related assessment procedures
  • Academic Integrity Policy
  • Academic Integrity Procedures
  • Complaints and Appeals Policy
  • Complaints and Appeals Procedures
  • Examination Policy
  • Examination Procedures
  • Review of Assessment Results Procedures
  • Learning and Teaching Policy
  • Student Examination Rules
  • Supplementary Assessment Procedures
  • Subject Development and Review Procedures

4.7 The subject outline is to be made available on the learning management system during O-Week prior to the commencement date of the prescribed study period.

4.8 The Subject Outlines are reviewed in accordance with the Subject Development and Review Procedures as part of cyclical review process of subject which will take into consideration of stakeholder feedback. The date the subject outline was last revised should be included in the subject outline. Students will be alerted to the nature of any significant changes to the subject outline.

5. Roles and responsibilities

Program Managers are responsible for:

  • ensuring that current subject outlines are distributed to students;
  • ensuring that the current subject outline is available for students in Moodle; and
  • implement the subject review process in accordance with the Subject Development and Review Procedures.

Subject Leads are responsible for using the subject outline to guide their teaching and assessment practice.

Approved by Academic Board 17 May 2019