Exam dates, start times, locations

  • Students are responsible for checking their examination timetable, noting the time, day and room for each examination.
  • The examination timetable will be published no later than week nine of the study period/ teaching period.
  • Students with an examination timetable clash must notify Student Services no later than one week (seven calendar days) after the exam timetable has been released. A student may apply for examination rescheduling by contacting Student Services.
  • Examinations will not be rescheduled for students who have two exams on the same day.

Student availability during formal exam period

  • Students are required to be available to the last day of the examination period. Unavailability on this day does not meet the grounds for deferred assessment.

Entering and leaving the examination room

  • Students must bring their ICMS identification, which will be validated by the supervisor.
  • Arrival after the start of reading time will be recorded as tardy on the invigilation report.
  • Arrival 30 minutes after the start of the examination will not be allowed and the student will be referred to Student Services.
  • Students may not leave the examination room until 30 minutes after the start of writing time.
  • Students who leave the examination room before the end of the examination are not permitted to re-enter the examination room.
  • Students seeking permission to leave the examination room are required to raise their hand and wait for a supervisor. If permission is granted the student will be accompanied and their name, student ID and time of exit and re-entrance are recorded.
  • No students are allowed to leave the examination room in the final 10 minutes of the examination.

Authorised materials or items to be placed on the desk

  • Photo ID: Students must bring their Institutional identification card to each examination. All examination scripts will only record the students’ ID number. No names will be recorded.
  • Stationery: Pens and highlighters for writing on the examination paper or examination booklet or other items permitted by the Subject Lead which are specified on the examination cover page.
  • Water: Students may bring bottled water into the exam, but it must be in a clear, unmarked bottle.
  • Medication/prescriptions: Students can bring authorised medication or prescription medicine.

Unauthorised materials or items (unless specified on the examination cover page by the Subject Lead)

  • Mobile phones
  • Dictionaries: Students are not authorised to bring English dictionaries in book or electronic form. An English dictionary will remain at the Supervisor in Charge’s desk for students to reference during reading time. Students with English as a second language are permitted to use a bilingual dictionary during an examination.
  • Textbooks, writing books and other reference material
  • Electronic recording devices: Calculators, computers, electronic organisers and diaries, pagers and any other electronic or text retention device. If calculators are authorised by the Subject Lead, they must be silent, non-programmable, self-powered and no larger than 9 cm by 15cm.
  • Watches
  • Writing paper, note pads, and liquid paper
  • Handbags, bags, backpacks, purses, wallets, glasses cases and pencil cases
  • Food or drink, excluding water in a clear, unmarked bottle. Food and drink may only permitted for individual students in accordance with reasonable adjustment provisions.
  • All unauthorised materials and items will be confiscated by the Supervisor-in-Charge at any time during the examination. These materials will be returned to the student immediately after the exam or retained and forwarded to Student Services for evaluation if misconduct is suspected. Student Services will retain the item after the incident is resolved.
  • Any unauthorised materials which are not permitted in the examination room must be left, at the student’s own risk, outside the examination room.

Student identification

  • Students must bring ICMS identification, which will be validated by the supervisor

Professional attire standards

  • Full professional attire standards (see the Professional Attire Policy) apply for all examinations at all times.

Student conduct

  • Students must not communicate in any way with other students when they enter the examination room.
  • Students must comply with all instructions given by examination supervisors.
  • Students are not permitted to obtain or receive assistance in undertaking or completing the examination paper.
  • Student must not bring any unauthorised materials (as specified above) into the examination room.

Approved by Academic Board 2 August 2019