1. Governing policy

These procedures relate to the Transfer Between Providers Policy (“policy”). They describe how staff will enact the policy and the steps taken for international students to apply for a release from the institution before the international student has completed six months of their principal course of study.

2. Scope

These procedures apply to international students on a student visa and staff involved in release request process.

3. Procedures

3.1. These procedures set out the four key processes involved in assessing an international student’s request for a release from the institution as per Table 1 below:

1. Submit request
An international student who has completed less than six months of the principal course at the institution must submit a request to transfer to another registered provider to seek approval for release and apply to withdraw from their course (including packaged course).

2. Release request assessment and outcome
The release request is assessed as per the Transfer Between Providers Policy which is informed by the National Code, Standard 7. The student is notified in writing of the outcome and advised of their right to lodge a complaint about the decision if the release is not approved.

3. Appealing the refusal outcome
Students have the right to lodge a complaint about the decision that resulted in their request for release being refused.

4. Recording and reporting in PRISMS
Release requests are recorded on PRISMS accordingly and the student management system.

Table 1.

Procedures Responsibilities Timeframe
Step 1 Submit request
1.1 Student completes the online form by census date together with supporting documentation including but not limited to:

a. Statement of reasons for the release request;

b. Documentation satisfactory to the institution supporting the release;

c. Valid offer letter from the receiving provider;

d. If under 18, provide written evidence the parent or legal guardian supports the transfer and if not cared for in Australia by a parent or suitable nominated relative, provide evidence the receiving provider has accepted responsibility for approving the accommodation, support and general welfare of the student.

1.2 The student must remain enrolled at the institution until the final decision has been determined.

Student Submit by census date – prior to completing six months of principal course of study
Step 2 Release request assessment and outcome
2.1 The Student Centre Manager assesses and makes a decision on the request for release based on the Transfer Between Providers Policy and the evidence submitted.

2.2 The student is contacted if further documentation is required.

2.3 The transfer request outcome is recorded in PRISMS as per Step 4.

2.4 If the release request is granted, the student is:

a. Sent an email notification advising of the outcome; and

b. Advised to contact the Department of Home Affairs to determine  whether a change of enrolment may breach visa conditions and if a new student visa is required.

2.5 If the release request is refused, the student is sent an email notification including:

c. The reasons for refusal; and

d. Their right to lodge a complaint about the decision within 20 working days as per the Complaints and Appeals Policy and  Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

Student Centre Manager Within 10 working days of submission of formal request
Step 3 Appealing the refusal outcome 
3.1 The student submits a complaint about the decision as per the Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

3.2 Student Services is notified of the outcome of the review of the decision and proceeds to Step 4 if:

a. The refusal decision is upheld;

b. The student has chosen not to access the process outlined in the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Complaints and Appeals Procedures within 20 working days; or

c. Has withdrawn from the process.

3.3 If the outcome of the appeal is to grant the release, Student Services proceeds to Step 2.3 and Step 2.4 to process the release request and notify the student.

Vice President (Student Life)
Step 4 Recording and reporting in PRISMS
4.1 The release request and decision to grant or refuse (only after the process outlined in the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedures has been exhausted or the student does not appeal within 20 working days) the release is recorded in:

a. PRISMS, in accordance with the current PRISMS User Guide. Reporting includes the outcome (grant or refusal status), reasons and date of effect. The report via PRISMS must be completed within:

  1. 14 days from the date the event occurs (the termination date) for students under 18 years of age; or
  2. 31 days from the date the event occurs (the termination date) for students above 18 years of age; and

b. The student management system, including discontinuing the student’s enrolment (for students granted a release).

4.2 The release request documentation is saved in the student management system.

4.3 The institution will maintain records of the student’s request for a release and the assessment of, and decision regarding the request for at least two years after the student ceases to be an accepted student.

Student Centre Manager

4. Compliance and monitoring

These procedures are written in accordance with Standard 7 of the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 and Higher Education Standards Framework 2021.

5. Records management

As detailed in Table 1 above, release requests are recorded in the institution’s database and the outcome is recorded in PRISMS and records of the release request are filed and saved for two years.

6. Related documents

Transfer Between Providers Policy

Approved by EMG on 9 October 2020