1.   Purpose

This policy outlines the conditions in which the Institution will refund residential fees paid by, or on behalf of students.

2.   Scope

This policy applies to all students who have accommodation arrangements with the Institution.

3.   Policy statements

3.1  Students who choose to cancel their accommodation bookings may be eligible for a refund of their residential fees according to the below cut off times:

Cancellation date Refund rules
More than 15 days before check in date  

  • 100% refund
15 days or less before check in date
  • 50% refund
On check in date or later
  • 0% refund – residential fees forfeited

3.2 If an applicant fails to cancel their accommodation or does not check in by the required check in date then all refund claims will be forfeited. Notwithstanding the prescribed refund conditions, students remain liable for any other outstanding debts owed to the Institution.

3.3 All accommodation cancellation requests may be submitted as follows:

Refund process

3.4 Requests for refunds must be lodged using the e-form. All requests for refunds are subject to approval by the Accommodation Team. Refunds may take up to 28 days to be processed from the time the completed forms are received by the Accommodation Team.

3.5 The Institution retains records of all receipts of payments made by students under the written agreement for at least two years after the person ceases to be an accepted student.

No refunds

3.6 In addition to the 0% refund rules outlined in the table above, students who are suspended or had their accommodation cancelled due to non-compliance with the accommodation terms and conditions, will not be eligible for a refund of residential fees for the relevant period and may also be liable for the cost of any actions resulting in damage to the Institution’s property.


3.7 Accommodation fees may be transferred over to the following term or study period provided a written request is received by the Accommodation Team by more than 15 days before the required check in date. Written requests made within 15 days or less of the check in date will result in a partial refund of 50%.

4.  Complaints and appeals

4.1 Students who are dissatisfied with a decision may lodge a complaint in accordance with the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

5.  Roles and responsibilities

Policy owner is the Vice-President Finance.

Executive Management Group (EMG) has overall responsibility for implementation of the policy in liaison with the policy owner.


Approved by the Board of Directors on 14 September 2020.