1. Purpose

The ELICOS and Foundation Attendance Policy outlines the Institution’s approach towards:

  • monitoring and recording student attendance;
  • identifying, notifying and assisting international students who have been absent without approval or who are at risk of not meeting attendance requirements;

for an international student studying an English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) program or a Foundation program to ensure the Institution’s compliance with Standard 8 of the National Code 2018.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all international students on a student visa who are studying an ELICOS program or a Foundation program.

3. Definitions

See Glossary of Terms.

4. Policy statements

4.1 The Institution applies minimum attendance requirements for each study period in order to uphold its obligations under the National Code 2018 and ELICOS Standards 2018 and to provide opportunities for success.

4.2 The Institution informs students before they commence their course of the requirements to achieve satisfactory course progress and attendance in each study period.

4.3 Students who are enrolled in English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) and Foundation programs are required to attend classes as set out in the students’ timetable.

4.4 Students are required to maintain an 80% attendance rate in each study period and throughout their course of study. The Institution’s method for calculating and monitoring minimum attendance are outlined in ELICOS and Foundation Attendance Procedures.

4.5 The Institution monitors and records attendance of all ELICOS and Foundation program students, in accordance with the ELICOS and Foundation Attendance Procedures, in order to identify students who could fall below the 80% attendance requirement.

4.6 An intervention strategy is enacted in a timely manner to support students who are identified at risk of falling below the minimum attendance requirement or those who are absent for more than five consecutive days without approval.

4.7 The Institution is obliged to report any student who fails to maintain satisfactory attendance to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), as specified in the ELICOS and Foundation Attendance Procedures and in accordance with the Suspension and Cancellation Procedures.

4.8 There are limited circumstances in which a student may not be reported to the DHA as specified in the ELICOS and Foundation Attendance Procedures.

4.9 Student visa conditions specify that new students must commence their course when expected. The Institution monitors attendance and reports any student to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in accordance with the Non-commencement of Study Procedures.

5. Roles and responsibilities

5.1 The Head of English Language and Foundation Programs is the responsible officer of this policy.

5.2 The Learning and Teaching Committee is responsible for monitoring attendance data and making recommendations for improvement and determining support mechanisms that respond to identified needs of student cohorts.

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Approved Academic Board on 27 November 2020