1. Governing policy

These procedures relate to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment. They describe how staff will enact the terms and conditions in respect to the steps taken for students to apply to change their course at the Institution.

2. Scope

These procedures apply to all students (excluding students in pathway programs, until they are studying in their principal course) seeking approval to change from one course to another course at the Institution, subject to the conditions in these procedures and related policies, and staff involved in approving the requests. These procedures are aligned with applicable Australian Government legislation including the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training of Overseas Students 2018 (National Code).

3. Procedures

3.1. These procedures set out the five key processes involved in assessing a student’s request to change courses within the institution as per Table 1 below:

1. Eligibility and advanced standing

Students applying to change their course must meet eligibility requirements before applying. A student’s academic standing and progression will carry over from their previous course, if applicable and within the confines of the Institution’s advanced standing policies.

2. Submit request

A continuing student at the Institution may submit an application to change from one course to another course subject to meeting the eligibility criteria and entry requirements for the course and applicable quotas if applicable.

3. Change of course assessment and outcome

The change of course application is assessed as per the guidelines explained in these procedures to ensure the student meets the eligibility criteria and entry requirements.

4. Appealing the outcome

Students have the right to lodge a complaint regarding a decision that resulted in their request for a change of course being refused in accordance with the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

5. Recording/reporting

Change of course approvals are recorded accordingly in the Institution’s student management system and reported on PRISMS (international students).

Table 1.

Process Responsibilities Timeframe
Step 1 Eligibility and advanced standing
1.1 For a student to be eligible to apply for a change of course the following requirements apply:

a. A student must be currently enrolled in a course at the Institution and the course must have commenced;

b. International sponsored students must first seek written approval from their sponsor to change their course;

c. Students must have subjects to complete under their new course. Students are not permitted to change their course if they already meet all the requirements of their new course;

d. Incomplete grades and failed grades will be taken into consideration;

e. Students must not have a status of suspension or exclusion;

f. Academic standing and progression will reset (unless the change of course is a result of a teach out process);

g. Advanced standing may be applicable, as per the Advanced Standing Policy;

h. The form must be signed by a parent or legal custodian for students under 18 years of age; and

i. Students must meet the entry requirements of the course;

1.2 An undergraduate student is only permitted to change course of study in the same or higher AQF level course of study unless it is a recommendation by the Board of Examiners as part of the Academic Progression Policy and Academic Progression Procedures. A change to a course of study in a different or same sector, or a change of postgraduate study, may affect the student’s visa status. Students are advised to notify the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) if the change of course application is approved.

Step 2 Submit request
2.1 Before submitting an application, students must seek academic advice from their Program Manager to discuss their eligibility to graduate with the new course.

2.2 Students must complete the online form before the beginning of a study period, in the case of returning students, or at the latest by one week before census date (to allow the assessment of the application, and necessary enrolments to be actioned by census date). Any applications later than one week before census will only be considered for the next study period.

Student/Program Manager One week before Census Date
Step 3 Change of course assessment and outcome
3.1 The Program Manager:

a. Assesses the request for a change of course based on the conditions and requirements of these procedures;

b. Approves or rejects the application, recording the outcome in the student management system, including advanced standing, if applicable;

c. Issue a new course progression plan.

3.2 Applications from students will be rejected where:

a. The requirements in 1.1 have not been met;

b. A course is withdrawn, and is no longer offered (teach-out); or

c. New course operational restrictions do not allow change of course, as determined on a case by case basis by the Institution.

3.3 Program Manager forwards the change of course application with outcome noted to Student Services for processing.

3.4 The student is notified of the outcome via email within 10 working days of submission.

3.5 If the change of course request is approved, the notification will include:

a. Successful change of course;

b. Details including, but not limited to, credit awarded, duration, fees and related policies;

c. A new course progression plan indicating subjects to complete.

3.6 A new COE (international students only) is issued.

3.7 If the change of course request is rejected, the notification will include:

a. The reason(s) for rejection; and

b. The right to lodge a complaint about the decision within 20 working days as per the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

Program Manager/Student Services 10 working days
Step 4 Appealing the outcome
4.1 The student submits a complaint about the decision as per the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

4.2 Student Services is notified of the outcome of the review of the decision.

4.3 If the refusal decision is upheld, no further action is required from Student Services.

4.4 If the outcome is to grant the change of course request, Student Services proceeds to Step 3.5 to notify the student of the approval.

Student Services
Step 5 Recording/reporting
5.1 The change of course outcome is recorded on the student management system.

5.2 An international student’s existing COE is reported on PRISMS and a new COE is issued for the new course as per 3.6 and recorded on the student management system.

5.3 The change of course documentation is saved in the student management system.

Student Services

4. Roles and responsibilities

The Registrar is responsible for overseeing the change of course procedures and the required legislative reporting.

5. Compliance and monitoring

These procedures are written in accordance with the National Code and HESF.

6. Records management

As detailed in Table 1 above, release requests are recorded in the institution’s database and the outcome is recorded in PRISMS and records of the change of course request are filed and saved for two years.

7. Related documents

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Advanced Standing Policy

Complaints and Appeals Policy

Complaints and Appeals Procedures

Approved by Learning and Teaching Committee on 15 June 2023