Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Policy

1. Purpose

Scholarship is the primary means of ensuring engagement with advanced knowledge. It thus constitutes core business for the Institution, affecting the experience and success of both staff and students. The purpose of the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Policy (“policy”) is to ensure that the Institution supports and manages the scholarship of learning and teaching in a comprehensive, strategic, sustainable and effective manner and is compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements. This policy is one aspect of the Institution’s Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Framework.

2. Scope

All current and prospective academic staff at the Institution, including sessional staff.

3. Definitions

See Glossary of Terms.

4. Policy statements

4.1 The Institution takes a strategic approach to scholarship through the allocation of appropriate resources for supporting, rewarding and recognising scholarship.

4.2 Creating a culture of scholarship at the Institution is core business, relevant to all staff and students and embedded in academic governance processes and functions across the Institution.

4.3 Academic staff have a key role in ensuring they are regularly updated on relevant and contemporary evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching in a disciplinary context as their commitment to scholarship directly impacts student learning.

4.4 The Institution provides equitable access to scholarship opportunities for all academic staff, including sessional teaching staff.

4.5 Evidence on scholarship is appropriately stored, collated and analysed for effective strategic and operational decision making.

5. Roles and responsibilities

5.1 The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) is responsible for implementing this policy and for ensuring appropriate support and resources are provided for students and academic staff.

5.2 The Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoLT) Committee is responsible for the management and review of scholarship activity at the Institution.

5.3 The Scholarship Director is Chair of the SoLT Committee and is responsible for operationalising and reporting on scholarship activity across the Institution.

5.4 Academic Board monitors the effectiveness of the policy and its implementation.

5.5 Academic staff are responsible for ensuring that they are informed through regular updates to their professional practice and engage in scholarly activity, which in turn impacts course design and development and student learning outcomes.

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Approved by Academic Board 2 August 2019